Battle-tested Russ named Uga IX

Rob Saye

It has been almost two years since the University of Georgia had an official Uga serving as its mascot. The offseason involved multiple rumors that Sonny Seiler may not have one of his pups as the new Uga as the school was reportedly looking for other avenues for a new mascot. However, Georgia revealed its plan regarding Uga IX.

Who exactly is the new mascot of the Georgia Bulldogs?

Fans of the Bulldogs will be pleased to learn that the interim mascot, Russ, has received the promotion to full-time mascot. Rumors had been swirling around the school for months that the new mascot would be named prior to the kickoff of Georgia’s home opener, but the UGA Athletic Association made it official in a Thursday press release. The official statement called the promotion of its interim mascot a “battlefield promotion.”

“Russ has endeared himself to the Georgia people over the last three years,” said UGA Director of Athletics Greg McGarity. “His dedication to duty when called upon has been exemplary and it’s fitting that he takes his place in the official line of Georgia mascots.”

The interim mascot for 23 football games, Russ first saw service in 2009 after the passing of Uga VII. He served the last two games of the 2009 season and the first six games of the 2010 season. He was replaced by Uga VIII, known as “Big Bad Bruce” in the middle of October before the team’s game against Vanderbilt. Bruce passed away due to health complications shortly after being named Uga VIII, causing Russ to take over once again for the 2010 Liberty Bowl. Russ then served as the school’s mascot for the entire 2011 season.

Russ is the owner of a 14-9 record as the interim lead dawg, a record fans hope does not descend to .500 or lower as the full-time mascot.

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