Bohannon, KSU announce 2015 signing class

Brian Jones

The second National Signing Day is in the books for the KSU football team, and it was another opportunity for head coach Brian Bohannon and his coaching staff to get the right players to fit into what they want to do on offense and defense.

“I think this is a special [signing class] because we’re getting ready to start the first football season of the school,” Bohannon said. So it’s even more special with the second signing class.

This second signing class is special, but it’s a lot different from the signing class last year. The biggest difference is the transfers. The Owls signed 16 players on National Signing Day, and of the 16, nine have played either junior college or four-year college football.

“The big part of that was to get some age in our program,” Bohannon said. “We wanted to get some juniors and sophomores that have played a little college football.”

The Owls target number when it comes to signing recruits is 22, so they still have a handful of scholarships for transfers, which is something the coaches have planned.

“We had no expectation of hitting that today,” Bohannon said. “Our expectation is to be close to that and not over that by the time fall camp starts.”

Bohannon would like to give the remaining scholarships to transfers that will come into the program likely after spring practice. However, Bohannon was able to address some needs thanks to the transfers they have signed on Wednesday.

One of the areas of need is the defensive line as the Owls needed a pass rusher. They got that with the addition of Matthew Foster, Dustyn Moore and Kingsley Ejike who recently played ball at the now defunct UAB. The Owls were also looking for help in the secondary, and the addition of Derrick Farrow and Chance McNulty will help add leadership to the position.

But there is one position that the Owls need to add more personnel to as the year rolls on.

“The one area that we need to pick up a few more is at running back,” Bohannon said. We have one running back that’s a transfer, but we need a few more.”

While Bohannon wants more veteran leadership at running back, there were two positions where he signed no players because he loved what he has on the roster right now.

“The two areas we felt like we could say ‘alright we can skip this class’ was quarterbacks and receivers,” Bohannon said. “We’re not going to take a quarterback as of right now, but a receiver we might take late.”

For the Owls, there will never be enough depth. Even if they were to get 22 scholarship players by the start of fall camp, they would have 52 scholarship players on the roster, and they can have 85. So there have been some challenges for Bohannon and his coaches these first two years of recruiting, and Bohannon has the best way to describe the process.

“Recruiting is crazy,” Bohannon said. “It’s the most unpredictable and exact science in America.” You never know what’s going to happen from day-to-day. It’s a crazy business.”

But overall, it was a very productive day for the KSU coaches and Bohannon has two qualities to describe the class that is essential to what they want to do.

“It’s a bunch of guys that can run, and it’s a bunch of guys that can hit,” Bohannon said. “We’re excited about where we are today. It’s a great class.”

The next move for the Owls is getting ready for spring practice which will take place in the beginning of March. Spring practice will end at the end of March with the very first spring game at Fifth Third Bank Stadium on March 28.

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