Catching Up W/ UGA Commit Charlie Woerner

Joshua Jones/ AJC

ATLANTA, Ga.- – Rabun County wide receiver Charlie Woerner is widely considered to be one of the best recruits in the state for the year 2016. The 6-5, 230 pound pass catcher still has a season to play on the high school level, but Bulldogs fans are already looking forward to players like him hitting campus for next season.

Earlier this afternoon, I had a chance to catch up with Charlie at the Corky Kell Classic luncheon held in Cobb County. Woerner was part of the ‘AJC Super-11’ introduced to those in attendance.

Q: These last few months been a whirlwind for you? De-commit from Florida State, attend ‘Dawg Night’ and then commit to UGA?

A: It has. Once the first thing happened, it went pretty quick.

Q: Defensive Coordinator Jeremy Pruitt and Tight Ends coach John Lilly were your primary recruiters. What was it about them that made you feel like Georgia is the right place?

A: I just enjoyed talking to them. They explained everything about Georgia that I wanted to know and it just made me feel more comfortable with UGA.

Q: Pretty good relationship with WR Coach/Recruiting Coordinator Bryan McClendon as well?

A: I talk to him a lot. He’s a real good guy and I enjoy talking to him.

Q: How much conversation have you had with Jacob Eason?

A: I talked to him at ‘Dawg Night’ a little bit. That’s about the only time I’ve talked to him.

Q: Excited to play alongside a guy like that?

A: Yes sir.

Q: Some people have you listed as a tight end and others as a receiver. Do you feel like a guy that could do both?

A: Well I don’t know, I’ve never played tight end before because our offense doesn’t use a tight end really. But, I guess I could play both. I’m not sure. I play receiver, but nowadays tight end is a lot like receiver. So, who knows?

Q: That’s a young group at WR right now for UGA. They’re also going to lose Malcolm Mitchell and Justin Scott-Wesley. Excite you a little more that you could have the chance to play early?

A: I guess I’m lucky enough to play at Georgia or be looked at by them. I’d be even more fortunate if I was able to start my freshman year. Not that many kids do. I’m just excited to get down there, start practicing and working out with the guys.

Q: Pretty neat going there with the family ties as well? (His uncle Scott was a safety for the 1980 National Title team).

A: Everyone always talks about my uncle Scott and his championship winning team. But, I’ve never really thought of it as like that. I guess you can say I have family ties to it. But, we never really act like it.

Q: Between now and February… What’s your biggest focus?

A: Taking our team as far as we can, if we play to the best of our ability.

If you want to follow Charlie on social media, you’re out of luck. He was asked by the AJC’s Michael Carvell during a quick on-stage interview why he is not on social media. His answer? “It’s a waste of time.”

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