CC SAYS: LeBron fines are becoming unreasonable

Have any of you ever wondered why LeBron James seems to have a superiority complex? There are no shortages of reasons he could point to that would justify his feelings, and the events of the past few weeks will only add fuel to the fire. Commissioner David Stern has been fining people thousands of dollars just for muttering the words LeBron James in any capacity. It’s supposedly all about tampering. Therefore, it was somewhat justifiable in the case of Mark Cuban, but not so much in the case of Phoenix Suns president of basketball Steve Kerr. In Kerr’s case it was especially ludicrous because all he did was make a joke about offering LeBron the mid-level exception.

I understand the need to keep teams on the up and up, but the Commissioner should be smart enough to know the difference between tampering and making a light-hearted joke on a radio show. This is the same man who in an interview himself expressed his desire for LeBron to stay in Cleveland. One could argue that his meddling is worse than any of the things he’s fined people for saying. There is no doubt Stern is the most influential man in the NBA, so his words hold more weight than any owner, general manager or president of basketball operations. LeBron is a great player, but he is not so special that you shouldn’t be able to joke about him in response to a question. Kerr’s quip warranted a phone call and perhaps a good talking to, not a $10,000 fine.
But, as with most things surrounding LeBron James, this situation has been blown out of proportion. Luckily for us, he has decided to do a sit-down interview with Larry King just in time for the Finals. What a coincidence! As Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol go head-to-head with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, we get to listen to LeBron say absolutely nothing important about his impending free agency. Surely, he is not so self-absorbed that he would purposely try to take the spotlight off the NBA Finals. Or is he?

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