Four Star DB Jaylen Bell Commits To Indiana & Why He Could Be A Program Changer For The Hoosiers

It’s been quite a road for four-star DB Jaylen Bell to get to this point. Bell is originally from New Jersey and has been playing football since six years old. He’s constantly grinding and working to perfect his craft

“One thing I can tell you is that I have been doing this for a very long time. I’ve been training with my father since six years old at Union High School in New Jersey,” said Bell. “Every Sunday with my father just repping over and over again. I am still doing it just trying to be consistent with my craft.”

That all came to fruition on Saturday as Bell committed to Indiana University after taking an official visit this weekend. Heavy contenders included Miami, Texas A&M, and Georgia Tech. Here is why he chose the Hoosiers.

“My primary recruiters were Coach Tino (Sunseri). He called me every single day. We talk about a variety of things on a daily basis. The experiences that he’s gone through. He’s always asking about my mom, dad, sister and brother. He just consistently called to check up on me and that made me feel good,” said Bell.

“Also, Coach Rod Ojong we call and talk every day and in addition to you know how’s the family doing? We talk about football plays and scenarios. What would I do in this case? He’s very passionate about it and so am I. That made me feel good about him and comfortable talking to him and developing our relationship. And also Coach he is like an older brother to me. We just called and talked football. We talked about school and family life and he just made me feel comfortable.”

 Indiana head coach Curt Cignetti was another key factor in his recruitment. Bell has been a staple at Grayson, one of the premier programs in Georgia. He has been on the field since freshman year and has continued to grow his game. He’s been taking on a leadership role in the secondary this offseason for the Rams. He’s one of the most known players when you think of Grayson.

“Since high school, I started as a freshman and every year after that. I was a freshman All-American. I won 31 games in three years. My abilities and my body continue to develop and progress year after year. I compete against myself, I study ball, I love ball and I continue to produce on the field,” said Bell. “I believe that Coach Cig wasn’t chasing stars, but he saw my strengths and how I can fit into his plan at the NEW IU. He knows that I am a baller. I make plays every time I step on the field against the best. That’s what I’ve been doing since youth league and that is what I will continue to do when I get to Bloomington.”

“Bloomington is a lively town with plenty to do. The IU facilities surpassed my expectations. The weight room, players’ locker room and indoor practice facility were phenomenal.”

In terms of what he is going to play when he gets to Indiana, it looks like he will remain at the corner spot but will get some time at other positions.

“I’m playing corner and nickel after meeting with Coach Ojong. I am extremely excited because I know that coach Ola Adams and the rest of the staff are going to prepare to play at a high level on the next level,” said Bell.

Bell has been very high on the program and has dubbed it “New Indiana” and here is why.

“I call it the New Indiana University because most of the staff has changed and I believe Coach Cig will turn it into a winning program. And it is proven that he is a winner and he knows what it takes to take a program to the next level,” said Bell.

Grayson will be another one of the best teams in the state next season and Bell will be a key piece in the secondary leading the young guys who will play big roles. The couple of times I’ve seen him you can just tell he is cut from a different cloth. He welcomes playing up against the best like Westlake WR Travis Smith Jr and other notable Georgia talent. Bell is always striving to be the best and his personality is infectious. When I saw him this past spring at practice, he was resonating with the young guys as they fed off his energy. One thing is for sure Indiana has a program changer on defense and a player who can come contribute immediately when he hits campus. Coach Cignetti and his staff nailed this one.

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