Georgia HS Football Hall of Fame releases 100-player ballot for inaugural class

The newly formed Georgia High School Football Hall of Fame released its official 100-player ballot on Tuesday—providing an exclusive look into the names that will be voted on to form the inaugural class ahead the Induction Ceremony on Oct. 22 at the College Football Hall of Fame. Board members of the Hall of Fame submitted nominees and then held committee votes and appeals before the list was narrowed down to 100 names. The board also decided that the nine Georgia high school players that are in the NFL Hall of Fame, the most recent being Sandy Creek’s Calvin Johnson, will be included in the inaugural class. Excluding the NFL Hall of Famers, the board will vote in 36 players from the 100-player ballot to form the inaugural class in the months ahead.

Scrupulous research by the board members went into organizing all the nominations and that was used to provide a profile for every nomination prior to the votes that were held to narrow the list down to 100. Georgia High School Football Historians Association Founder and archivist Todd Holcomb broke down the ballot in his article on Tuesday. His analysis puts the vastness and incredible starpower into perspective and points out that a full century of players are on the list with UGA All-American Bob McWhorter hailing from the Class of 1909 in addition to three Heisman Trophy winners with George Rogers (Duluth), Herschel Walker (Johnson County) and Charlie Ward (Thomas County Central).

To read Todd Holcomb’s breakdown of the ballot CLICK HERE



Pre-1950 (7)

HB –Bob McWhorter, Gordon Institute (1909)

QB –Everett Strupper, Riverside Military (1913)

E –Vernon “Catfish” Smith, Lanier-Macon (1927)

HB –Bill Hartman, Georgia Military (1933)

HB –Clint Castleberry, Boys (1941)

E –George Maloof, Marist (1947)

HB –Lauren Hargrove, Fitzgerald (1949)

1950s GHSA (8)

B –Larry Morris, Decatur (1950)

G/LB –Pat Dye, Richmond Academy (1956)

L –Ken Rice, Bainbridge (1956)

L –Pete Case, Decatur (1957)

QB –Stan Gann, Northside-Atlanta (1957)

RB –Jimmy Burson, LaGrange (1958)

L –Bill Curry, College Park (1959)

B –Len Hauss, Wayne County (1959)

1960s GHSA (8)

QB –Bruce Bennett, Valdosta (1961)

L –Edgar Chandler, Cedartown (1963)

L –Bill Stanfill, Cairo (1964)

L/FB –Chip Kell, Avondale (1966)

QB –Charlie Dudish, Avondale (1967)

RB –Isaac Jackson, Lanier-Macon (1969)

RB –Andy Johnson, Athens (1969)

RB –Doyle Orange, Waycross (1969)

1948-70 GIA (9)

B –Milton Byard, Risley (1950)

QB –John Henry Jackson, Spencer (1957)

RB –Ernie Green, Spencer (1957)

B –Emerson Boozer, Laney (1961)

L –Otis Sistrunk, Spencer (1964)

DL –Julius Adams, Ballard-Hudson (1965)

QB –Jack Pitts, Trinity (1965)

WR/CB –Clarence Scott, Trinity (1966)

L –Henry Childs, Douglass-Thomasville (1969)

1970s (21)

LB –Andy Spiva, Chamblee (1972)

QB –Ray Goff, Moultrie (1972)

WR/TE –Stan Rome, Valdosta (1973)

QB –Anthony Flanagan, Southwest Atlanta (1973)

LB –Ben Zambiasi, Mount de Sales (1973)

LB –Lucius Sanford, West Fulton (1973)

DE –Reggie Wilkes, Southwest Atlanta (1973)

RB –Runt Moon, Commerce (1973)

OL –Kent Hill, Americus (1974)

RB –William Andrews, Thomasville (1974)

RB –Eddie Lee Ivery, Thomson (1974)

LB –Mackel Harris, Americus (1975)

DB/QB –Scott Woerner, Jonesboro (1976)

RB –James Brooks, Warner Robins (1976)

DL –Ron Simmons, Warner Robins (1976)

RB –George Rogers, Duluth (1976)

QB –Buck Belue, Valdosta (1977)

LB –Chip Banks, Laney (1977)

DL/FB –Larry Kinnebrew, East Rome (1977)

TE/L –Guy McIntyre, Thomasville (1978)

RB –Herschel Walker, Johnson County (1979)

1980s (11)

RB –Robert Lavette, Cartersville (1980)

OL –Bill Mayo, Dalton (1980)

LB/DB –Pat Swilling, Stephens County (1981)

OL – John Davis, Gilmer (1982)

DL –Tracy Rocker, Fulton (1983)

RB –Jerry Mays, Thomson (1984)

DL –John Johnson, LaGrange (1986)

QB –Charlie Ward, Central-Thomasville (1987)

LB/DL –Coleman Rudolph, Valdosta (1988)

WR –Andre Hastings, Morrow (1989)

RB –Garrison Hearst, Lincoln County (1989)

1990s (21)

QB –Al Pinkins, Mitchell-Baker (1990)

OL –Clay Shiver, Tift County (1990)

QB –Eric Zeier, Marietta (1990)

LB –Randall Godfrey, Lowndes (1991)

TE/OL –Adam Meadows, McEachern (1991)

OL –Jeff Saturday, Shamrock (1992)

QB –Hines Ward, Forest Park (1993)

LB/TE –Takeo Spikes, Washington County (1994)

OL –Matt Stinchcomb, Parkview (1994)

DL –Marcus Stroud, Brooks County (1994)

QB –Quincy Carter, Southwest DeKalb (1995)

DB –Deon Grant, Josey (1995)

OL –Cosey Coleman, Southwest DeKalb (1995)

OL –Jeff Backus, Norcross (1995)

RB –Jamal Lewis, Douglass (1996)

RB –Joe Burns, Thomas County Central (1997)

QB –Terrence Edwards, Washington County (1997)

RB/DL –Charles Grant, Miller County (1997)

WR –Reggie Brown, Carrollton (1998)

QB –Fabian Walker, Americus (1998)

RB –Ronnie Brown, Cartersville (1999)

2000s (15)

DL –David Pollack, Shiloh (2000)

RB –Daccus Turman, Washington-Wilkes (2000)

QB –D.J. Shockley, North Clayton (2001)

RB –Monte Williams, Commerce (2000)

DB/WR –Jeff Francoeur, Parkview (2001)

RB –Darius Walker, Buford (2003)

DL –Charles Johnson, Hawkinsville (2003)

OL –Duke Robinson, Washington (2004)

LB –Tray Blackmon, LaGrange (2004)

OL –Chris Scott, Lovejoy (2004)

QB/DB –Eric Berry, Creekside (2006)

RB – Jonathan Dwyer, Kell (2006)

LB –Rennie Curran, Brookwood (2006)

LB –Jarvis Jones, Carver-Columbus (2008)

QB –Hutson Mason, Lassiter (2009)


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