GHSA Cross Country State Championship Results from Friday

The first day of competition in the GHSA Cross Country State Championships finished at the Carrollton Course on Friday, with six team and six individual championships being awarded in Class 6A, Class 4A and Class 3A for both the boys and girls. Here’s how today’s competition unfolded.


Class 6A: The Cambridge boys claimed their schools second ever state title with a first-place time of 1:29:15.91. For the girls, the Pope Greyhounds claimed their sixth state title in school history and first since 1997 with a time of 1:44:35.95. Evans’ Jonathan Greene took home the boys individual title with a time of 16:36.49. Creekview’s Makena Gates finished second overall in last year’s 6A girls competition but took one step forward and claimed the individual title this year with a first-place time of 18:43.60.

 Class 4A: The Chestatee Boys won their first ever State Championship with a time of 1:25:12.01, with strong performances by Luke Gaddis (16:34.45) who placed second overall, and Gavin Grater (16:58.43) and Johnathan Torres Cruz (17:01.70) who placed third and fourth, respectively. North Oconee’s Davis Potts finished first overall with a time of 16:16.66. For the girls, Marist returned to the top and claimed its 21st state title with a time of 1:42:45.48. Marist’s Ruby Little (19:27.42) finished second overall, while teammates Johna Grisik (20:27.91) and Kate Selover (20:35.65) finished third and fourth, respectively. Jefferson’s Katherine Law claimed the individual title with a first-place finish of 19:24.08.

 Class 3A: Class favorite Westminster swept the Class 3A Championships, with both the boys and girls taking home the team state titles. For the boys, the title is their 28th in school history, and fourth consecutive in the classification. The Wildcats’ top finishers for the boys were Matthew Fernando (16:27.68) who placed fourth, and Joseph Jacquot (17:10.24) who placed ninth. The girls’ victory marks the schools 33rd in school history, and seventh straight title in Class 3A. Their top runners were Janie Cooper (20:33.23) and Palmer Walstad (20:42.79) who finished second and fourth, respectively. Mary Persons’ Justin Wachtel finished first in the boys competition with a time of 15:51.52, while North Hall’s Caylee Wagner took home the girls individual title with a time of 19:08.60.

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Class 6A Boys Individual Results

1. Jonathan Greene, Evans, 16:36.49; 2. Patrick Motes, Rome, 16:40.99; 3. Will Jennings, Carrollton, 16:47.75; 4. Tyler Phillips, South Effingham, 16:51.47; 5. Cailan Howard, South Effingham, 16:54.64.

Class 6A Boys Team Results

1. Cambridge, 1:29:15.91; 2. South Effingham, 1:28:17.16; 3. Alexander, 1:29:26.07; 4. Richmond Hill, 1:30:11.31; 5. Carrollton, 1:29:22.96.

Class 6A Girls Individual Results

1. Makena Gates, Creekview, 18:43.60; 2. Simone Rojas, Evans, 19:37.15; 3. Sophie Boice, Pope, 19:57.39; 4. Lorel Golden, Pope, 20:10.53; 5. Ciara Miles, River Ridge, 20:12.57.

Class 6A Girls Team Results

1. Pope, 1:44:35.95; 2. Allatoona, 1:48:33.69; 3. Cambridge, 1:48:49.13; 4. Lakeside-DeKalb, 1:50:18.15; 5. Riverwood, 1:48:46.05.

Class 4A Boys Individual Results

1. Davis Potts, North Oconee, 16:16.66; 2. Luke Gaddis, Chestatee, 16:34.36; 3. Gavin Grater, Chestatee, 16:58.43; 4. Johnathan Torres Cruz, Chestatee, 17:01.71; 5. Seth White, Pickens, 17:01.86.

Class 4A Boys Team Results

1. Chestatee, 1:25:12.01; 2. Marist, 1:28:35.15; 3. Pickens, 1:31:31.48; 4. Jefferson, 1:32:29.98; 5. Flowery Branch, 1:33:26.44.

Class 4A Girls Individual Results

1. Katherine Law, Jefferson, 19:24.08; 2. Ruby Little, Marist, 19:27.43; 3. Johna Grisik, Marist, 20:27.92; 4. Kate Selover, Marist, 20:35.66; 5. Anna James, Thomas County Central, 20:43.60.

Class 4A Girls Team Results

1. Marist, 1:42:45.48; 2. Jefferson, 1:45:59.20; 3. North Oconee, 1:52:42.47; 4. Central-Carroll, 1:53:13.37; 5. Flowery Branch, 1:53:07.25.

Class 3A Boys Individual Results

1. Justin Wachtel, Mary Persons, 15:51.53; 2. Andrew Jones, North Hall, 16:11.80; 3. Avery Jaynes, Southeast Bulloch, 16:26.60; 4. Matthew Fernando, Westminster, 16:27.68; 5. Mitchell Lane Hollis, Coahulla Creek, 16:46.42.

Class 3A Boys Team Results

1. Westminster, 1:25:58.78; 2. Dawson County, 1:28:34.76; 3. Oconee County, 1:29:35.09; 4. Cherokee Bluff, 1:30:25.83; 5. Southeast Bulloch, 1:31:01.21.

Class 3A Girls Individual Results

1. Caylee Wagner, North Hall, 19:08.60; 2. Janie Cooper, Westminster, 20:33.23; 3. Adison Myers, Cherokee Bluff, 20:39.09; 4. Palmer Walstad, Westminster, 20:42.80; 5. Abi Moore, North Hall, 20:45.04.

Class 3A Girls Team Results

1. Westminster, 1:46:36.69; 2. Oconee County, 1:46:42.47; 3. North Hall, 1:46:35.42; 4. White County, 1:52:23.14; 5. Cherokee Bluff, 1:52:40.96.

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