GHSA Diving results from Thursday

Colquitt County’s Bo Bridges led a trio of Packers at the top of the podium in the boys side of the  state’s highest class as the GHSA boys and girls diving competition came to a close at the Georgia Tech Aquatic Center Thursday.

Bridges took the state title with a 725.10-point performance which beat out teammates Trip and Tuck Gregory. On the girls side of the class, Colquitt County’s Ruth Anne McCranie won first place with a score of 580.45. West Forsyth’s Michelle Cummo finished second, Colquitt’s Shannon Icard won third place and Brookwood’s Chloe Brothers placed fourth.

In Class 6A boys, Lassiter’s Carter Lofton won the state title ahead of River Ridge’s Nathan Sehorn. For the girls, Allatoona’s Hannah Stumpf won the state title with a 641.65-point performance which beat out Kennesaw’s Kyler Dixon and Cambridge’s Brooklyn Petit.

North Oconee’s Aiden Sadler won the 4A-5A state championship with a score of 687.20 which beat out Woodward’s RJ Snyder (637.10) and Marist’s Raines Grassi (528.60). On the girls side, Julia Herring from St. Pius won the state championship with a 664.10 point performance which edged Marist’s Lauren Henderson and North Oconee’s Rin Drudge.

In Class 1A-3A, Weber’s Eli Lubell won the boys state title with a 675.15 point performance which beat out Westminster’s Alex Fogle and Social Circle’s Aidan Crutchfield. For the girls, Oconee County’s Caroline Stamps (535.35) took first, Westminster’s Carolina Blankenbecker placed second and Mount Vernon’s Kinsley Baker placed third.

See the class-by-class results below. 

7A Boys Diving Results

1. Bo Bridges, Colquitt County, 725.10; 2. Trip Gregory, Colquitt County, 633.70; 3. Tuck Gregory, Colquitt County, 605.15

7A Girls Diving Results

1. Ruth Anne McCranie, Colquitt County, 580.45; 2. Michelle Cummo, West Forsyth, 542.65; 3. Shannon Icard, Colquitt County, 521.50

6A Boys Diving Results

1. Carter Lofton, Lassiter, 654.90; 2. Nathan Sehorn, River Ridge, 431.30.

6A Girls Diving Results

1. Hannah Stumpf, Allatoona, 641.65; 2. Kyler Dixon, Kennesaw Mountain, 541.40; 3. Brooklyn Petit, Cambridge, 530.85

4A-5A Boys Diving Results

1. Aiden Sadler, North Oconee, 687.20; 2. RJ Snyder, Woodward Academy, 637.10; 3. Raines Grassi, Marist, 528.60

4A-5A Girls Diving Results

1. Julia Herring, St. Pius X, 664.10; 2. Lauren Henderson, Marist, 547.85; 3. Rin Drudge, North Oconee, 540.95

1A-3A Boys Diving Results

1. Eli Lubell, Weber, 675.15; 2. Alex Fogle, Westminster, 454.15; 3. Aidan Crutchfield, Social Circle, 368.45

1A-3A Girls Diving Results

1. Caroline Stamps, Oconee County, 534.35; 2. Caroline Blankenbecker, Westminster, 509.55; 3. Kinsley Baker, Mount Vernon, 502.85


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