KSU football holds first ever spring scrimmage

Brian Jones

The Kennesaw State football team is in the thick of spring practice as they have taken the field seven times in the last two weeks. The eighth practice of the spring, which was on Saturday, would be different because it would be the first time the team has scrimmaged against each other since the fall.

Because this is a young team that does not have experience playing with each other on a football field, head coach Brian Bohannon knew there would be some things the team needed to work after the scrimmage. But he also thought there were a lot of good things to come out of the scrimmage as well.

The scrimmage started with the No. 1 offense taking on the No. 1 defense. From there, it would rotate with the No. 2 offense and defense as well as the No. 3 offense and defense. At the start of the scrimmage, it was the defense that was getting the better of the offense. The interior defensive line was pushing the offensive line, and because of that, the offense struggled to get anything going.

“The defense came out with a little more energy,” Bohannon said. “They did a good job.”

In fact, it was the defense that scored the first touchdown of the scrimmage as Marcus Thurman intercepted a pass for a 30-yard score.

“Marcus Thurman had a couple nice breaks on the ball. He intercepted a pass and scored a touchdown, and had a nice break on another ball, but the throw was low,” Bohannon said. “I saw Taylor Henkle come up and make a great tackle. I saw Derrick Farrow, one of our JC guys, come up and make a great tackle. So those are some things you notice on defense.”

However, as the scrimmage progressed, the offense started to get things going.

The first offensive score came early from quarterback Trey White. He led the third-team offense with a 30-yard run and ended the drive with a 1-yard score.

Towards the end of the scrimmage, the first-team offense got going in a big way. Jaquez Parks threw a long pass to Trey Trawick, and that led to a Parks 1-yard score. On the next series, Jae Bowen found the end zone via a 45-yard run. And on the final play of the scrimmage, Parks threw a short pass to Ryan Godhigh and he raced 60-yards for the score.

But despite the offense executing in the final quarter of the scrimmage, Bohannon knows that the mistakes they made during the first part of the scrimmage can’t happen in the fall if they want to win.

“We just can’t beat ourselves,” Bohannon said. “We got to give ourselves a chance to compete. It’s going to be hard just to block guys and tackle guys. But we can’t have missed assignments and penalties. Those are things we have to get corrected. “

Now that the first scrimmage is in the books, the Owls will have three more practices before they have another scrimmage on Saturday. And the gameplan for the coaches and the players is to be a better team before they hit the field again for the second scrimmage of spring.

“We’re going to take this 118-play scrimmage, we’re going to go back and grade it,” Bohannon said. “We’re going to evaluate each kid, we’re going to evaluate our personnel, we’re going to have each kid evaluate himself and we’re going to learn from this and the plan next week is to go correct the mistakes we made today and when we come out next Saturday to be a better football team than we were this Saturday.”

The spring game for the Owls will be on Mar. 28 at Fifth Third Bank Stadium. Kickoff will be at 1 p.m.

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