Norcross unveils nation’s largest high school video board

Norcross’s new video display board measures as the largest in high school football nationwide. Completed this week,
it measures 29 feet, 5 inches high, 51 feet, 5 inches wide. There is 1,513 feet of video space.
”It’s a great rallying point for our community,” said Norcross football coach Keith Maloof. ”It’s going to change the atmosphere of a Friday night game. We’re going to have live action, the band performing on it, our Blue Crew [student section]. It’s going to be a neat experience for fans coming.”

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  1. Morrell Productions
    August 15, 2015 at 5:29 am #

    Lowndes vs. Norcross Football scrimmage 2015
    “Slobber Knocker scrimmage in Dosta”
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