ScoutForce Announces Partnership with CSA PrepStar

The world of recruiting has evolved significantly over the last decade with technology providing more resources and better access than ever before. Recent disruptions from COVID have introduced uncertainty into this process with eligibility extensions causing colleges to navigate the challenges of roster management. For more than three decades, CSA PrepStar has been one of the most impactful recruiting service providers and has helped more than 75,000 high school athletes find more than $2.5 billion in scholarships. Now, CSA PrepStar is joining forces with athletic technology platform ScoutForce to build an expedient platform to facilitate the process and take recruiting into a new era.

“We are two completely different companies serving the same marketplace so in my view it is a very complimentary relationship,” said ScoutForce CEO Jeff Cravens. “When you look at the recruiting marketplace, most kids just need a little guidance and help and they probably don’t need to go to the length of having a recruiting coach or somebody helping them through the process, but I also think there is a percentage of families that really do require that help and there has been no better brand for such a long than than PrepStar. I just think that their challenge has been more of going from an old-school company into the digital world. I feel like it is going to help both companies a lot.”

Cravens’ background specializes in the technological and digital side of the business. He took over company BeRecruited a little over a decade ago and was able to sell it after building it up. As the recruiting world has continued to evolve, Cravens’ and his partners have talked about how there is room for a new platform to take place and this is a major step in creating this platform.

“I think the two things that really fueled the growth of the ScoutForce platform are we’ve really grown with our 3,100 college coaches and we are growing about 100 a week now to come in and utilize the platform,” explained Cravens. “The second thing is coaches have come a lot more active on our platform and that is what all the high school kids want to know. The other thing is recruiting is such an unknown process right now, because of the roster management that is having to take place at the college level. That creates a lot of uncertainty and our platform is there to say take care of what you can control and the rest of the process will take care of itself.”

About ScoutForce

ScoutForce is the fastest growing platform designed to connect high school athletes and college coaches on a cloud-based recruiting platform focused on successful recruiting outcomes. The college recruiting process has been disrupted, requiring athletes and coaches to find better tools to find the right fit. RecruitU LLC is the parent company of ScoutForce. RecruitU also owns Athletafied, a sports performance data and technology business. Athletafied provides certified testing for the leading elite athletic events around the country, working with brands that include Under Armour, The UC Report, Nike, FBU and others.

About CSA PrepStar

The PrepStar story began in 1981 when company founder and president Jeff Duva created Collegiate Sports of America, the nation’s first-ever collegiate recruiting organization designed to assist student-athletes and their families understand and navigate the turbulent and competitive world of college recruiting. Today, PrepStar is recognized as the nation’s most respected name in the world of college recruiting, having helped more than 75,000 student-athletes live their dreams of competing in the exciting world of college athletics.

“Our partnership with ScoutForce will enable CSA PrepStar to reach tens of thousands of highly qualified student-athletes that have the dreams and aspirations of participating in intercollegiate athletics, said Jeff Duva, CEO of CSA PrepStar.”  “ScoutForce has developed a best-of-breed recruiting software platform that will tremendously enhance our ability to reach, service and place young athletes with athletic and academic scholarship opportunities at the collegiate level.”


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