Chris Calhoun has made an impact on Centennial’s football team this season, but more importantly to him, he also made an impact on his community. He helps in a multitude of ways year round, including coaching the Knights Junior Camp over the summer and helping the Feeding the Hungry program. Calhoun is a natural leader and has that quality about him that makes those around him want to hear what he has to say.

His words carry in his community, but it’s his actions that are making a real impact. Centennial runs a summer football camp called Knights Junior Camp where kids from fourth grade through eighth grade can work on football drills with select members of Centennial’s football team. Calhoun had his own team last year which he coached throughout the week and taught them how to be fundamentally sound through drills. There is also a game at the end of the week when Calhoun called his team’s plays and got to see their hard work pay off. His leadership and direction is helping future Knights become better football players.

Calhoun also takes part in a Feed the Hungry program where he and his father, Vincent Calhoun, pack food for the homeless and collect clothing. In addition to passing out food and clothes, they spend time getting to know the people in need. “We kind of meet in one location every time we go, and we kind of try to minister with them,” Calhoun’s father explains, “Chris asks them about their lives and their problems and what he can do to help.” Calhoun’s father says that Chris will sit with them and read the bible and see what they get out of it, and try to see how he can impact their lives. According to his father, Calhoun also spends a lot of time talking to the kids in homeless families, trying to impart any advice he has or just trying to brighten their day.

The work that Calhoun and his father do is so important to the community, and Chris has grown into someone that people want to talk to. His calm disposition makes him someone people are comfortable talking to. People young and old want to talk to him about their lives, and they also want to hear about his. His family’s giving nature has made Calhoun a generous and humble person, and the Centennial community is lucky to have him.

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