Area Leaders

First of all, thank you so much for your hard work in making the National Signing Day Frenzy a success for your Taco Mac location and area athletes!  Please visit the links below to view the forms that you need to complete no later than January 21st, 2014.  The first form is for you to submit a list of all of the schools that were INVITED who will not be attending. The second form we need all Area Leaders to submit is a final schedule for your location which will be sent out to media as well.

Schools Invited  Schedule   RSVP Results

The form at the link below needs to be completed by a coach at each school.  One submission per school is required to reserve their time slot and must be completed by January 21st. This is a form which includes contact information for the coach from each of the attending schools as well as the names of the signees attending the event for catering head counts and more importantly, for promotion, media and scheduling purposes.  Please contact Melanie Snare at or at 770.670.8781 if you have any questions.   Again, all forms must be submitted no later than January 21st.

Schools Attending – RSVP Form

REMINDER – for each school attending, please share the following details with them. When they submit their RSVP form, they will receive a confirmation email with all of these details as well.

1. Ask them to complete the RSVP form no later than January 21st at

2. Remind coaches that families, friends, teammates and fans are invited and encouraged to attend the celebration.

3. Provide each school with their exact time slot in the schedule.

4. Ask them to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to their time slot for registration, but they can come as early as they want and stay as long as they want to celebrate all of the different schools and athletes together. The event is from 11am to 3pm.

5. Make sure they know  which Taco Mac location they should attend.

6. Encourage players to wear a shirt/hat/sweatshirt/jacket with the college logo/name that they will be attending for media purposes. And if possible, also wear something with their high school logo. For example: high school hat and college shirt or college hat and high school sweatshirt.

7. Inform coaches that our emcee will introduce him and then he will introduce his players and announce where they will be attending. He is welcome to speak about each player, allow each player to address the crowd, etc. Each school has a 10 minute time slot.

8. Media will be conducting interviews throughout the day with players and coaches on-site.

Taco Mac Locations Download Flyer