ELITE JUNIOR: Rashad Johnson

Lamar County Football

Lamar County defensive lineman Rashad Johnson has already made a big impact this season. Lamar County is 6-0 and the defense has only given up less than 14 points in each of those contests. Rashad has done his part by making tackles and recovering fumbles. Lamar County has already outscored its opponents 113-35 and has earned the Class AA No. 3 ranking.


Rashad is doing his best to improve his football team and improve himself. This past summer he went to multiple camps to get his name out there and grab the attention of some college coaches. “I went to an Auburn camp with my cousin and my brother. Just doing whatever I can to try and get better,” Rashad said.


Right now his focus has been on helping Lamar County football win and working hard in the classroom. Though he was unsure of his weighted GPA, Rashad knows that up until this point in his high school career, he has only had A’s and B’s.


He’s focused on being an athlete year around as he plays basketball for Lamar County as well as running track. Rashad is a good center for Lamar, and his defensive mind set from football translates into an unrelenting defensive force under the rim.


In addition to helping his school win in multiple sports, keeping up great grades, and monitoring the recruiting front for his college career, Rashad also tries to help out in his community whenever he finds the time. Whether with his teammates or on his own he is a hard working volunteer as often as possible. “With my team we went and helped paint a foster home,” Rashad says, “Just painting the walls and stuff. We also helped put down the volleyball courts for a volleyball tournament.”


His service to the community sums up his interests as a whole. The three things that make Rashad click are helping people, working hard, and of course football.

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