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The first day of the GHSA cross country state championships finished in Carrollton on Thursday and at the end of the day, six team and six individual championships were awarded in Classes AAAAAA, AAAAA and AAAA on the boys and girls side of the competition.

Here’s how everything finished after the first day of competition.

Class AAAAAA: Harrison won its first-ever state championship on the boys side and the Hoyas were led by Sully Shelton’s individual state championship with a 16:11.41 time. Cambridge won the team title on the girls side with an average time of 1:43:07.29 to take the girls title for the third-consecutive year. Richmond Hill’s Kayla Gholar took the girls individual state championship with a 18:27.69 time.

Class AAAAA: Decatur won the team title on the boys side with a time of 1:27:04.79. It marked the first state title for the Bulldogs. Loganville’s Anthanasius Tesfaye won the individual title with a time of 16:19.27. McIntosh captured the girls team championship with a 1:41:04.15 time for its fourth state championship. McKenna Trapheagen of Woodland-Cartersville won the AAAAA girls individual state title with a time of 18:27.67.

Class AAAA: St Pius captured the team championship on both the boys and girls side of the competition. It marked the second time that the boys and girls teams from St. Pius won the state title in the same year, the first in 2012. For the boys, the Golden Lions successfully defended last year’s title with a time of 1:25:42.00 for its 11th state championship. For the girls, Pius timed in at 1:38:07.24 to take its fourth girls state title. Justin Watchel of Mary Persons won the individual boys championship with a time of 16:05.50. On the girls side, Hannah Miniutti of Blessed Trinity took the crown with a time of 18:51.49.

See more of the results below.

Or follow the LINK to see the full and complete results provided by Perfect Timing Group.

Class AAAAAA Boys Individual Results

1. Sully Shelton, Harrison, 16:11.41; 2. Sam Rich, Lakeside-Evans, 16:24.72; 3. Cole Heron, Pop, 16:37.10; 4. Will Brown, Pope, 16:37.13; 5. Thomas Hotard; Habersham; 16.40.23.

Class AAAAAA Boys Team Results

1. Harrison, 1:24:38.31; 2. Pope, 1:24:57.80; 3. Cambridge, 1:27:34.69; 4. Alpharetta, 1:28:33.47; 5. Alexander, 1:29:11.82.

Class AAAAAA Girls

1. Kayla Gholar, Richmond Hill, 18:27.69; 2. Makena Gates, Creekview, 18:49.98; 3. McKenna Croft, 19:06.41; 4. Katy Earwood, Evans, 19:09.77, 5. Ashley Sechrest, Cambridge, 19:41.94.

Class AAAAAA Girls Team Results

1. Cambridge, 1:43:07.29; 2. Allatoona, 1:43:35.12; 3. Pope, 1:43:20.95, 4. Johns Creek, 1:43:52.78, 5. Richmond Hill, 1:43:36.45.

Class AAAAA Boys Individual Results

1. Anthanasius Tesfaye, Loganville, 16:19.27; 2. Domonic Macias, Union Grove, 16:19.65; 3. Christian Gonzalez, Decatur, 16:24.37; 4. Collin Jones, Carrollton, 16:44.59; 5. Bram Mansbach, Grady, 17:06.50

Class AAAAA Boys Team Results

1. Decatur, 1:27:04.79; 2. Starr’s Mill, 1:28:43.55, 3. Grady, 1:28:22.49; 4. Loganville, 1:28:02.26; 5. Rome, 1:29:52.55.

Class AAAAA Girls Individual Results

1. McKenna Trapheagen, Woodland-Cartersville, 18:27.67, 2. Mackenzie Walls, Veterans, 18:55.81, Elle Mezzio, Riverwood, 19:35.09; 4. Megan Uszynski, McIntosh, 19:48.87; 5. Lucy Yeomans, Clarke Central, 19:52.45.

Class AAAAA Girls Team Results

1. McIntosh, 1:41:04.15; 2. Woodland-Cartersville, 1:43:08.33; 3. Union Grove, 1:46:25.02; 4. Starr’s Mill, 1:46:35.03; 5. Rome, 1:48:08.28.

Class AAAA Boys Individual Results

1. Justin Watchel, Mary Persons, 16:05.50; 2. Luke Gaddis, Chestatee, 16:41.79; Chad DeWitt, St. Pius X, 16:49.23; 4. Ethan Ashley, Denmark, 16:52.33; 5. Davis Potts, North Oconee, 16:54.34

Class AAAA Boys Team Results

1. St. Pius X, 1:25:42.00; 2. Denmark, 1:27:13.59; 3. Oconee County, 1:28:28.50; 4. Chestatee, 1:28:28.13; 5. Blessed Trinity, 1:29:02.88.

Class AAAA Girls Individual Results

1. Hannah Miniutti, Blessed Trinity, 18:51.49; 2. Kelly Ann Sutterfield, Blessed Trinity, 18:57.90; 3. Jenn Champer, Oconee County, 19:03.94; 4. Morgan Vaden, St. Pius X, 19:06.59; 5. Catherine Breault, St. Pius X, 19:15.16.

Class AAAA Girls Team Results

1. St. Pius X, 1:38:07.24; 2. Blessed Trinity, 1:39:16.01; 3. Marist, 1:38:29.62; 4. Oconee County, 1:41:58.02; 5. White County, 1:49:59.57.v

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