GHSA Diving Championship recap: Collin Hill’s Smithson gets the gold and the record

The 2019 GHSA Swimming and Diving Championships started today at the Georgia Tech Recreation Center Aquatic Center with all diving events of the competition.

For the boys, Collins Hill’s Peter Smithson once again claimed the gold in the state’s highest classification with a state record of 762.35 points, besting his 2018 first-place finish by 160.35 points. His tremendous performance gives the senior his third first-place finish in three years. Sam Witcher came in second with a score of 675.15, an impressive jump from his fourth-place finish during last year’s meet. Class AAAAAA also awarded a consecutive gold to senior Drew Sheldon of North Atlanta, who bested his 2018 first-place total of 454.3 points with a score of 506.75. In class AAAAA-AAAA, all three 2018 medalist found themselves on the podium once more. Oconee County’s Adam Brooks defended his gold medal with a score of 592.95, while Brandon Rice (592.1) placed second ahead of third-place Allen Mann (588.95). During last year’s AAA-A session, Spencer Pearson failed to make the podium, falling just short with 436 points to claim fourth place. This year, the sophomore from Holy Innocents’ scored a 559.2, enough to award him the gold.

For the girls, Kyler Dixon had an impressive performance as a freshman, scoring 542.2 to claim the gold in class AAAAAAA. Placing second behind her was Abby Camarda (526.65), who jumped up one spot from her third-place finish during last year’s meet. Class AAAAAA also awarded a gold medal to a first-year competitor in Hannah Stumpf from Allatoona, whose score of 570.6 gives the freshman the new state record. In class AAAAA-AAAA, Haley Allen made a jump from her 2018 fifth-place finish all the way to the top of the class. Her 490.4 points put her ahead of second place Laura Henderson (475.55) by nearly 15 points. Loganville’s Madeline Robison placed third with 474.05 points, a 72.8 percent increase from her fourth-place finish last year. As a freshman, Elizabeth Kaye claimed the 2018 class AAA-A gold medal after falling just short of the 500-mark with 494.95 points. This year, Kaye defended her spot at the top of the podium, smashing her previous first-place finish with a score of 611.45 to take home the gold for the second year in a row.



Boys: 1. Peter Smithson, Collins Hill (762.35) 2. Sam Witcher, Lakeside-DeKalb (675.15) 3. Carson Tyler, Colquitt County (665.2)

Girls: 1. Kyler Dixon, Kennesaw Mountain (542.2) 2. Abby Camarda, Norcross (526.65) 3. Kassa Gutienez, Etowah (512.85)


Boys: 1. Drew Sheldon, North Atlanta (506.75) 2. Alex Scott, Harrison (224.85) 3. Kevin Nyquist, Alpharetta (215.85)

Girls: 1. Hannah Stumpf, Allatoona (570.6) 2. Lauren Davis, Dunwoody (562.6) 3. Laura Henderson, Dacula (562.05)


Boys: 1. Adam Brooks, Oconee County (592.95) 2. Brandon Rice, Riverwood (592.1) 3. Allen Mann, Oconee County (588.95)

Girls: 1. Haley Allen, Riverwood (490.4) 2. Lauren Henderson, Marist (475.55) 3. Madeline Robison, Loganville (474.05)

Class AAA-A

Boys: 1. Spencer Pearson, Holy Innocents’ (559.2) 2. Grady Thomas, Westminster (553.7) 3. Jacob Price, Wesleyan (472.7)

Girls: 1. Elizabeth Kaye, Pace Academy (611.45) 2. Abigale White, Thomasville (515.85) 3. Isabeau Keene, Tallulah Falls (509.1)


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