Girls cross country state preview

The time has come, and the stage is set. The high school cross country season culminates this Saturday in Carrollton as the top teams in the state of Georgia meet to see who will take home the state championship. Looking ahead to this weekend, here are the teams and individuals to watch for.

The times noted next to the school names signify the team’s fastest time of the year and which meet it occurred at. The times noted next to an individual’s name signify the runner’s fastest time of the year.


 Top Five Teams:


  1. South Forsyth (18:46-Alexander/Asics Invitational)

-Won Region 6-AAAAAA Meet


  1. Northview (18:47-Alexander/Asics Invitational) Defending state champion


  1. Mill Creek (19:25-FSU Invitational)

-Won Region 7-AAAAAA Meet


  1. Milton (19:19-Region 5-AAAAAA Cross Country Championships)

-Won Region 5-AAAAAA Meet


  1. West Forsyth (19:42-34th Annual Westover Invitational)


Other top teams to watch:

Etowah, Harrison (Won Region 4-AAAAAA Meet), Brookwood (Won Region 8-AAAAAA Meet), Parkview, Walton, North Paulding


Top individual runners to watch:

-Savannah Carnahan 17:08 (South Forsyth)

-Lindsay Billings 17:14 (Northview) à Defending state champion

-Kaylee DuPont 18:12 (South Forsyth)

-Hannah Petit 18:27 (Mill Creek)

-Tiffany Yue 18:32 (Northview)

-Lauren Flynt 18:33 (Brookwood)

-Camryn Petit 18:36 (Mill Creek)

-Milicent Bergey 18:42 (South Forsyth)

-Riley Burr 18:42 (Milton)




Top Five Teams:


  1. Dunwoody (19:41-Alexander/Asics Invitational) à Defending state champion

-Won Region 6-AAAAA Meet


  1. Union Grove (19:39-Region 4-AAAAA XC Championships)

-Won Region 4-AAAAA Meet


  1. Creekview (20:10-Warpath Invitational

Won Region 7-AAAAA Meet


  1. Flowery Branch (20:40-Region 8-AAAAAA Meet)

-Won Region 8-AAAAA Meet


  1. Starr’s Mill (20:15-Region 4-AAAAA XC Championships)


Other top teams to watch:

McIntosh, Northgate, Columbus (Won Region 1-AAAAA Meet), Jones County, Cambridge, Alexander (Won Region 5-AAAAA Meet), Winder-Barrow, Woodland-Cartersville, Riverwood, Richmond Hill (Won Region 3-AAAAA Meet)


Top individual runners to watch:

-Alyssa LeClaire 18:50 (McIntosh)

-Mary Valli 18:53 (Starr’s Mill)

-Anna Hayden 18:53 (Riverwood)

-Alyssa Hooker 18:58 (Lakeside, Evans) à Defending state champion

-Kelly May Sheehan 19:05 (Dunwoody)

-Ellunde Montgomery 19:05 (Union Grove)

-Mackenzie Cromer 19:06 (Union Grove)

-Olivia Terwillinger 19:07 (Kell)

-Samantha Cameron 19:12 (Dunwoody)


Class AAAA


Top Five Teams:


  1. Marist (19:46-FSU Invitational) à Defending state champion

-Won Region 6-AAAA Meet


  1. St. Pius X (20:05-FSU Invitational)


  1. North Oconee (20:51-Mountain Invitational)

-Won Region 8-AAAA Meet)


  1. White County (20:16-Alexander/Asics Invitational)


  1. Heritage, Catoosa (20:27-Warparth Invitational)

-Won Region 7-AAAA Meet


Other top teams to watch:

Woodward Academy (Won Region 5-AAAA Meet), North Hall, Grady, Perry, Whitewater, Eagle’s Landing (Won Region 4-AAAA Meet), Buford, Johnson-Gainesville, Chestatee


Top individual runners to watch:

-Jenna Gearing 18:00 (White County)

-Josie Wirtz 18:50 (Marist)

-Jaelen Alexander 19:11 (White County)

-Myriam Alvarez 19:21 (Marist)

-Sabrina Young 19:32 (Pickens County)

-Sarah Buckler 19:34 (Heritage, Catoosa)

-Ellie Glenn 19:39 (St. Pius X)

-Jessica Tardy 19:40 (St. Pius X)


Class AAA


Top Five Teams:


  1. Westminster (19:22-Aelxander/Asics Invitational)à Defending state champion

-Won Region 4-AAA Meet


  1. Hart County (20:35-Alexander/Asics Invitational)

-Won Region 8-AAA Meet


  1. Blessed Trinity (20:22-Berry College Clara Bowl Invitational)


  1. Dawson County (21:44-West Hall Invitational)

-Won Region 7-AAA Meet


  1. Decatur (22:02 12th Annual Darlington CC Festival)


Other top teams to watch:

Oconee County, Morgan County, Savannah Arts, Jefferson, Jackson County, Rockmart (Won Region 5-AAA Meet), Pierce County


Top individual runners to watch:

-Sue Ann Morales 18:03 (East Jackson)

-Audrey Honiotes 18:06 (Hart County) àDefending state champion

-Mary Claire Solomon 18:09 (Blessed Trinity)

-Delaney Graham 18:59 (Westminster)

-Victoria Flowers 19:16 (Westminster)

-Margaret Maxwell 19:17 (Westminster)


Class AA


Top Five Teams:


  1. Lovett (19:37-34th Annual Westover Invitational) à Defending state champion

-Won Region 6-AA Meet


  1. Darlington (20:24-Warpath Invitational)

-Won Region 7-AA Meet


  1. Wesleyan (21:18-Nike/Fleet Feet Coach Wood Invitational 2015)


  1. Holy Innocents’ (21:37-Alexander/Asics Invitational)


  1. Pace Academy (21:35-34th Annual Westover Invitational)


Other top teams to watch:

St. Vincent’s Academy (Won Region 2-AA Meet), Model, Union County (Won Region 8-AA Meet), Social Circle, Bremen (Won Region 5-AA Meet), Bleckley County (Won Region 4-AA Meet), Coosa, Rabun County


Top individual runners to watch:

-Serena Tripodi 18:14 (Lovett) à Defending state champion

-Haley Hooper 18:21 (Lovett)

-Stephanie Ward 18:58 (Darlington)

-Jane Tullis 19:21 (Darlington)

-Emma Sidman 19:41 (Lovett)

-Carolyn Bland 19:56 (Lovett)

-Elizabeth Beveridge 19:59 (Lovett)

-Grace Clements 20:00 (Bremen)


Class A-Private


Top Five Teams:


  1. Hebron Christian (20:17-17th Annual Jesse Owens Classic)

-Won Area 2A-Private School Meet


  1. Landmark Christian (19:12-Area 3A-Private School Meet) à Defending state champion

-Won Area 3A-Private School Meet


  1. Athens Academy (20:55-Clarke-Oconee Cross Country Championships)


  1. Providence Christian (21:33-Alexander/Asics Invitational)


  1. Atlanta International School (21:02-Area 3A-Private School Meet)


Other top teams to watch:

Paideia, Mt. Paran Christian (Won Area 6A-Private School Meet), Galloway, Walker, Fellowship Christian, Mount De Sales (Won Area 1A-Private School Meet), Mt. Pisgah


Top individual runners:

-Emma Grace Hurley 17:23 (Fellowship Christian) à Defending state champion

-Anna Marian Block 17:50 (Athens Academy)

-Helen Williams 18:02 (Atlanta International School)

-Nicole Fegans 18:15 (Landmark Christian)

-Sophia West 18:36 (Paideia)

-Sarah Foreman 18:57 (Landmark Christian)

-Mattie Harris 18:58 (Calvary Day School)

-Kathryn Foreman 19:00 (Landmark Christian)


Class A-Public


Top 10 Teams:


  1. Towns County (24:16-Harrier Harvest-Tallulah Falls School) à Defending state champion


  1. Trion (24:50-Area 6A-Public School Cross Country Championship)

-Won 6A-Public School Meet


  1. Commerce (25:01-Area 4A-Public School Cross Country Championship)

-Won Area 4A-Public School Meet


  1. Marion County (25:31-Greenwave Cross Country Invitational)


  1. Atkinson County (26:36-Area 3A-Public School Meet)

-Won Area 3A-Public School Meet


  1. Baconton Charter (26:48-14th Annual Tift Invitational)


  1. Telfair County (27:28-Area 3A-Public School Meet)


  1. Hawkinsville (29:40-Trinity XC Invitational)


  1. Johnson County (29:52-Area 3A-Public School Meet)


  1. Claxton (29:54-Area 3A-Public School Meet)


Top individual runners to watch:

-Alli Hay 21:19 (Pataula Charter)

-Kate Massey 21:36 (Commerce)

-Hannah Whitehead 21:36 (Towns County) à Defending state champion

-Savanna Landry 22:33 (Trion)

-Jenna Chance 22:51 (Trion)

-Taylor Cornett 22:59 (Towns County)

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