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Sonny Kennedy

While so much attention is paid to high school football players attending camps during the offseason to improve their route-running, kicking or tackling, why is so little attention paid to the men who coach the players during the season? Many coaches also use the offseason to get better with their schemes, formations and coaching techniques by attending coaching clinics.

One of the top companies that offers the best clinics across the country is Glazier Clinics. Founded by Frank Glazier in 1976, the Glazier Clinics are all about football, focusing on the X’s and O’s and the concepts of coaching. Glazier is a former coach who invented the clinics in order help other coaches better hone their craft. He invited some of the best coaches to share their particular area of expertise on a topic, and Glazier Clinics is still doing that to this day.

Allen Means of Glazier Clinics admits that no other company can offer the same amount of content that a Glazier Clinic coaching clinic weekend can offer.

“Not many companies can match our sessions,” said Means. “We offer 100-150 topics at each clinch and the sessions range from basic to advanced.”

Glazier Clinics achieves its success through the content gathered. Means noted that the company picks the best coaches in a particular area of the country and then asks them to share what they excel at on the sidelines.

“We study pretty hard to find the right coaches and big influencers,” said Means. “The biggest thing is that they are successful.”

Glazier Clinics has chosen top high school coaches, smaller college coaches and assistant coaches from bigger schools. They will then gather all of the content these coaches have to offer by collecting notes from the speakers in order to make that available through webinars and online clinics.

Perhaps the best part of Glazier Clinics is that the company wants to help as many coaches as possible. A head coach can sign up for a season pass which gives him and his entire staff, including feeder programs, unlimited online access to coaching clinics and webinars as well as a pass to all of the coaching clinics across the country for only $349. There is also a program through Riddell, which allows youth coaches to attend the coaching clinics for free.

Glazier Clinics has added two more clinics to the schedule this year, which will give them 32 clinics held across 22 states. Atlanta will host a clinic on Feb. 8-10 then the Atlanta 150 Clinic on Mar. 8-10. The 150 Clinic will include 150 session events with topics covering 12 different subject areas with unprecedented depth, including schemes and fundamentals. The 150 clinic will be stronger with content as high school coaches and small college coaches will speak. The February clinic will have more big name speakers.

It is also hard to argue with the results of the Glazier Clinics. Five of the 2012 GHSA state champions featured coaches who attended Glazier Clinics.

In 1976, Frank Glazier decided he wanted share his passion for football with coaches from all across the country. Today, his passion lives on and the Glazier way is helping programs across the country coach young men the right way.

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