Glazier’s road to winning

At Glazier Clinics, we say, “The road to winning goes through Glazier Clinics.”


If you’re a winning coach who attends our clinics, we certainly don’t want to take credit away from you. We know how hard you work to build a winning program. You’ve earned every single W.


Our job is to put together clinics and online resources to assist you in your quest to grow as a coach and to win more, no matter what your record is right now. These priorities drive our relentless effort to provide you the best in football education:


Top-notch Speakers

To speak at the Glazier Clinics, a coach has to have a history of success and a plan for getting there. Furthermore, he has to know how to deliver that message to you.


We take your feedback seriously and only invite back the speakers whom you rate highly. We also strive for variety, inviting different speakers to each location each year.


The Most Content

We pack more than 100 sessions into every weekend clinic. Pulling that off means we run up to seven sessions at any given time. At our 150 clinics, we cover 12 topics at an unprecedented depth, utilizing the expertise of high school and small college coaches.


Our goal is for you to bring your whole coaching staff to the clinics, then have each coach attend the sessions that match his role and interests. Staff planning time becomes much more powerful when each coach can contribute and discuss fresh ideas from his area.


The Real X’s and O’s of Football

Our founder, Frank Glazier, made sure that his speakers got down brass tacks so that coaches could take home useable ideas that would improve their teams’ performance. That’s still top priority today. You won’t hear any booster speeches at the Glazier Clinics, and you will take home a notepad full of X’s and O’s. Plus, you can download more than 1,200 sets of clinic speaker notes at Glazier Clinic Online.


High-Energy Weekends that Amp your Staff Dynamics

When we plan our clinics, we don’t stop with putting together a great speaker schedule. We also consider the venue, and we choose locations where you and your staff can have a getaway experience that boosts camaraderie and teamwork. We hope you’ll book some rooms at the clinic hotel, be on site for every session and spend some powerhouse time kicking around new ideas and planning your upcoming season together.


2 Atlanta Clinics

This year, Glazier will host two clinics in Atlanta:

Atlanta Clinic


February 7-9

Renaissance Atlanta Waverly hotel

Atlanta 150 Clinic


March 7-9

Westin Atlanta Perimeter North

Bring your whole staff to both for one low price of $369. Individual passes are also available.


Georgia Winners Know…


Head Coach Kyle Hockman of McEachern High School says it well: “Glazier Clinics is one of the staples of our coaching lives… The season pass enables us to go to numerous clinics at a great value. We have cut down the cost of our off-season learning, but doubled the amount of information.”


Join 6 out of Georgia’s 7 GHSA State Champs and register for the Glazier Clinics today!


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