JOURNAL OF A COACH: Centennial’s Carlberg meets his players

New Centennial football coach Jeffrey Carlberg is quickly putting his fingerprints all over the Knights program, meeting with new and potential coaches and getting the players seen at school events. Carlberg began last week by restructuring the equipment room. Carlberg’s sons Major and Gunnar helped take inventory, and the restructuring process was started in earnest with coaches Christian Atkinson, Willie Ferrell, Riggie Nixon and Preson Pridgen. Centennial made the playoffs one year ago and has had some postseason experience over the last few years, but this is the first step for Coach Carlberg of turning the Knights program into a yearly region and playoff contender.

The players are starting to see the differences in the new coaching regime. Last Tuesday, Carlberg held his first team event by feeding them pizza then having them don the white jerseys. From there the team walked from the cafeteria to the Knights basketball game against Alpharetta. Carlberg said he felt this was a great opportunity for team bonding as well as a show of support for the other sports at Centennial.

The coaching staff has not yet been finalized at Centennial, and Carlberg met with an “outstanding young coach,” who was a candidate for the offensive coordinator position. Carlberg believed the coach would be a great addition to the program. He also met with a potenial freshman head coach before introducing the defensive coordinator to the Centennial AD Phil Thomas.

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