Largest Question Facing UGA Football This Season

Sean Taylor


Questions heading into a season aren’t unique to Georgia Football as they get ready to head to fall camp later this month. Even the deepest teams have to wonder about certain spots on the field and who will be taking the starting reps there.

You could make the argument that outside of running back, tight end and linebacker that the Bulldogs need to get answers in all phases of their game. The thing about it, they might not be at the position you think.

This offense is predicated on the success of the line to open up the holes for running backs like Nick Chubb and Sony Michel to run through. Who is the anchor of that group? That would be the center.

The casual football fan thinks that the center just snaps the football to the quarterback and then tries to block the man he’s assigned to stop from penetrating into the backfield. When the truth of the matter is that his responsibilities are so much more than that.

A good center is supposed to diagnose the defensive front, identify who could be blitzing, call out the blocking assignments to his other four linemen and many other things. He is basically the extension of the quarterback.

Yes, the Bulldogs have four returning starters on the offensive line. The most important role to fill of all five is the one that remains vacant at the moment.

The job is up for grabs between sophomore Isaiah Wynn, junior Brandon Kublanow, and senior Hunter Long. Of all three, Long has the most experience at the position.

During the spring, Wynn got the bulk of the reps with the first team offense at this spot. Leaving the spring, it seemed that the competition was still open heading into fall camp.

This spot needs to be locked up soon. The reason is because an offensive line needs cohesion in order to be successful.

Green Bay Packers Hall of Famer and former offensive linemen Greg Koch once told me a saying about the offensive line, “it’s five pennies coming together to form a nickel.” That isn’t something that can just happen overnight or a week before the first game of the season.

Sure Georgia will have a couple of easy games against ULM (Lousiana-Monroe) and Vanderbilt to begin their season. That said, soon enough Alabama will come to Athens and they better have the offensive line solidified at least by that game.


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