Player Spotlight: Lanier Christian Academy QB CJ Britt

You may be asking yourself who is this QB out of Flowery Branch terrorizing defenses and being a playmaker when the play breaks down. He possesses a lot of the qualities you see on the next level and beyond and is another great QB talent in the state of Georgia. Meet CJ Britt. Britt is a sophomore that is shining this season for Lanier Christian Academy. He has thrown for 1,310 yards and 18 touchdowns. Britt is averaging 327.5 yards per game and has an impressive QBR of 142.4. One of his most electric plays of the season came on a side arm throw where he was scrambling to the left with two defenders closing down quickly on him and Britt delivered a touchdown pass.

“First read I was hoping for the slant but it wasn’t there. The defensive end rushed and got through. I was rolling out and the corner was playing it and I thought if I showed that I was pulling up and throwing it he couldn’t make a play on it,” said Britt. “If the ball is a little low, he kind of doesn’t know what to do. Everybody had their hands up so when I threw under their hands it went right to him. For me working on that throw over and over, it is second nature.”

Britt credits his growth and ability to read defenses to QB coach Ron Veal. Veal is a QB guru and has already coached some of the great quarterbacks that are now playing on Sundays. Britt appreciates his coaching and is soaking up all the knowledge from one of the best QB coaches in the country. He talked about what he worked on this offseason

“He’s coached Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields, two NFL quarterbacks that are both starting in the league. We have a great relationship. We talk it out and he has a lot of knowledge. Just listening to him really helps me out a lot,” said Britt. “My QB Coach Ron Veil and I worked on going through progressions quicker, getting my feet faster, getting out of the pocket easier and pocket movement. Also, working on some accuracy on some certain throws has helped a lot. We also worked on reading defenses.”

Britt plays 7 on 7 with Ot7 and Grind Factory where he has matched up against several power five players including Georgia and Ohio State commits.

“You can’t take off and run when a play breaks down in 7 on 7, so you have to go through your progressions and go through your reads. Definitely look at the way the defense is playing and use certain hot routes and checkdowns,” said Britt. “Back to the 7 on 7, if you are throwing against Ohio State and Georgia commits, it pressures you into making great throws and certain throws you wouldn’t usually make but you have to make. Playing OT7 Grind Factory has helped so much with those certain situations and playing the top players in the country.”

Britt has already been on a game day visit when Georgia hosted a night game against UAB and talked about how cool of an experience it was being in Athens and watching the defending two-time national champions.

“I was at the University of Georgia for the game against UAB for a game day visit. I talked to Coach Bobo, Coach Gummy, and Coach Chess and built a relationship with Georgia. It was amazing when the announcer said SEC champion but when he said back-to-back national champion at the game everybody in the whole stadium was screaming,” said Britt. “Your ears could have busted in there. Everybody was cheering for the Dawgs. Then they turned the lights off and it was such an awesome atmosphere. It was awesome to be a part of the two-time national champions experience.”

Britt also has several other visits set up with power five programs in the ACC that he will go and visit in the coming weeks. One is a rising program that just beat undefeated Wake Forest on the road. The other is a program that has won multiple national titles in the past two decades.

 “I am going on a Georgia Tech and Clemson visit. Those are future game day visits I will be attending.

He already has a few nicknames players and coaches call him because of the long hair flow and the type of hair he has. Let’s just say they are pretty notable figures.

“I’ve always had long hair, honestly. I get called baby Trevor Lawrence or Sunshine from Remember the Titans,” said Britt. It’s kind of a marketing name at this point. Gotta keep the hair. I leave it down and flowing during games.”

 Britt is already on the college radar and leads all major statistical categories in the GAPPS (Georgia Association of Private & Parochial Schools) including passing yards, touchdowns, and passer rating. He has a great command of the offense and does all the little things well. Britt reads coverage well and can make all the throws on the field. He exemplifies humility and serves his community and church. Faith is very important to Britt and something he holds in high regard.

“Accepting the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in my heart is one of my biggest accomplishments,” said Britt. “ I help my church and help out the homeless constantly. Talking with them definitely puts life into perspective. Those are probably the greatest off-the-field accomplishments for me.”

Britt embodies what a student athlete should be and will make a program and university very happy one day. He is certainly a name to watch for in the Class of 2026 as recruiting begins to heat up for this class. Britt should be top of mind.

Want to know CJ more in a Rapid Fire Q&A? Read below.

Rapid Fire Questions: 

Best Musical Artist Right Now: NF is a Christian rapper. He raps so differently. One of his lyrics is: “People say you’re not going to make it but when you make it they are going to believe you were going anyway. His lyrics hit in certain situations. He has a great flow and kind of gives an Eminem vibe in terms of wrapping fashion. He is just a cool artist.

Favorite Clothing Brand To Wear: Nike or Adidas. Nike is comfortable and they also make great basketball shoes. It is a cool brand to wear. That is why Oregon looks so cool all the time because of Nike. Nike is just so comfortable and has great clothes and that is why I love wearing them.

Biggest Accomplishment In Your Life Right Now: Accepting the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in my heart. Helping my church and helping out the homeless constantly. Talking with them definitely puts life into perspective. Those are probably the greatest off-the-field accomplishments for me.

Tell me about your faith: Everybody has probably heard about David and Goliath. Goliath is the giant who is nine or ten feet tall. Then a little guy who was the youngest of his brothers and was feeding the sheep. He took down the biggest giant and became king of Israel. If that doesn’t make you think you can take on a football player, a game, or a certain situation off the field, I don’t know what does. Having God by your side is definitely better than being alone.

Favorite Memory In Football Whether Youth or High School: The state championship in eighth grade. Doing it with all my boys and going on that last ride, we went 9-0. Having seven touchdowns in that game. Just doing it with my guys one last time before we went off to high school was a fun way to cap off our middle school season.

One Place in the World You Would Want to Travel To If You Could: Africa or Australia.

What is your go-to post-game meal: Going to Waffle House with my team after every game. It is awesome. I get the All-Star Special every single time,nothing different.

Who is the best player in the NFL right now: Patrick Mahomes. He plays differently than everybody else does. Some of the throws he attempts coaches would flip their lids at what he does. He has a great relationship with his coaches. He is just different. He makes kids’ mouths drop like he just does that. He is a cool guy to look up to. He’s a winner.

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