THE FLETCH: Sports talk radio arguments cause confusion

It is a debate that three years ago was laughable. Now it is a debate that we might need to start having, especially if the Giants are able to knock off the Patriots next Sunday: Is Eli Manning better than his older brother Peyton?


Driving around Atlanta, listening to sports radio callers and show hosts spout on and on about how Matt Ryan is overrated because he has never won in the postseason is making me crazy. According to that logic the postseason is the only thing that matters, right Chuck Oliver and Mike Bell?

OK, if you want to use that argument and New York does beat New England, be prepared to bow down to Eli in the discussion of better Manning brother. Eli would be 2-0 in Super Bowls while Peyton sits at .500. Preposterous? Not according to your logic that says the regular season apparently means nothing and the postseason means everything.

I get tired of people on the web, in emails to the Score Atlanta staff and on the radio banging on Matt Ryan. Yes, he is 0-3 in the playoffs, but Ryan is also 43-19 in the regular season. You cannot discount this. That is an average of around 11-4 (he missed two games his second season). You are telling me that is awful? That is garbage?

Tim Tebow won a playoff game this year but ask any knowledgable Denver fan who he’d rather have. The answer would be simple: Matt Ryan. He will get his postseason wins in, don’t worry. And until then, feel free to indulge yourself in a Eli vs. Peyton debate.

On a side note, I brought this issue up on Facebook before the Giants beat the 49ers and the opinions were mixed.


Great job by the local newspapers for giving Georgia State some props. Both Score Atlanta and the AJC have been all over the Panthers this year after new coach Ron Hunter kicked off the year with one of the best starts in program history. The AJC has done a nice job of letting Doug Roberson fully immerse himself in Georgia State basketball, and Mark Bradley even stopped by before one of the Panthers games.

Meanwhile, Score Atlanta covered the winning streak with previews and recaps of the games laters during the double-digit streak. We were even able to snag a few photos of the orange jerseys that were on display on the front page. With Georgia and Georgia Tech struggling this season, expect the AJC to pay a little more attention to the Panthers. Score Atlanta will, of course, continue to be on the ball as we’ve had the Panther Prowl beat for years both online and in our paper. And if Georgia State makes the postseason, we might even throw one of our beat writers in a team gym bag to go cover the Big Dance.


Finally, if you ask nationally people’s thoughts on the Atlanta Hawks, odds are you’d hear, “Charles Barkley hates them, so they can’t be good.” Don’t look now, though, but the Hawks are 13-6, good enough for the playoffs if the season ended today.

Among the teams ahead of Atlanta: Chicago, a team that the Hawks beat once and should have a second time. Atlanta has thumped plenty of teams early. The key will be to survive without Al Horford down low as he is likely out until playoff time. Hey ESPN, it might be time for a little Hawks love. Just a simple request.

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