Two Elite Prospects In Grayson 2027 Class

London Goggans and Rilee Drew are both elite prospects to put on your radar.

They discovered their love of football at a young age — London started playing football at six years old after his grandmother signed him up to play and Rilee began playing at eight years old in the GFL (Gwinnett Football League) a league known for producing exceptional talent.

Both are currently freshmen at Grayson High School and both have been called up to the varsity ranks.

“It’s been a good freshman year and a good start to start my high school career. I’ve had eight touchdowns, two picks, and one of them was a pick-six,” said Goggans. “I think I had over like 300 yards this year. They feed me a lot. They just moved me up to varsity two weeks ago.”

Rilee and London recently went on a game day visit to watch the Florida Gators play against Vanderbilt, and talked about their experience in the swamp.

“I like the atmosphere and the coaches. I talked to the coaches for a couple of minutes. The atmosphere is amazing. The fans are always interactive,” said Drew. “I talked to a lot of fans and they told me this is the place to be. They showed me the environment and how great of a place it is.”

“My ears were ringing when I was sitting down. The people behind me were super loud. I could barely hear anything,” said Goggans. “It was a great atmosphere. I could see myself playing in the atmosphere one day. I walked around the stadium a little bit. Me and my friends were looking for some food so I got to look around a little bit. I got to see a little bit of the stadium and stuff like that.”

Rilee had his first Division 1 offer from Arkansas State before even stepping onto a high school campus. He has continued to impress coaches in camps and with his play on the field. Rilee went to an Oklahoma camp over the summer and was one of the standouts at camp and even got to meet the head coach.

“I felt really accomplished because that is the one thing that I planned for and hoped for my entire life is having a D1 offer. They really liked my film and how I went up and got the ball. They called me and gave me an offer,” said Drew. When you get to high school, you still have to work,” said Drew. “The Power 5 offers don’t mean nothing. You still have to work your butt off every day and show out in front of the coaches.”

“I like to say Oklahoma was my favorite camp. The defensive back coaches and all of the players showed me a lot of love knowing that I was only a freshman,” said Drew. “They had me going with the upperclassmen. I did well enough for my first high school camp. I got recognized and I got to meet the head coach. I took a picture with him and went inside the facility.”

London has also taken several notable game day visits to SEC schools.

“I visited Florida, Auburn, Georgia, and South Carolina. Those are all the game day visits I have been on,” said Goggans. I have been to Auburn camp and Georgia camp before. The visits have been great and I have enjoyed them especially with my mom and dad. Georgia was pretty loud too and there were a lot of fans at the game. I really like Auburn too because that was my first night football game. It was pretty memorable.”

London prides himself on his physicality and elite ball skills. He has also been honing his craft and working on his footwork. He is being recruited as an athlete. He can play on both sides of the ball well. If you throw up a 50-50 ball to him, he will track it down and make a play. Defensively, London loves playing the ball in the air and coming down and making a hit on the opposing player.

“I prefer to play both sides because I have been catching the ball since I was six years old. I always had hands. I’ve been trying to improve my footwork. Footwork is key for me being a big receiver,” said Goggans. “Even on the defensive side of the ball that helps because I have great ball instincts and can be a ball hawk on defense. I have great ball instincts that work on offense and defense so I can go up and get the ball. I have always been the tallest person. Lately, I have been seeing how physical you have to be and the strength you have to have in order to play varsity. Weight lifting has been a very key component.”

London already has some memorable moments in his career including a memorable catch in the GFL state championship when he was in eighth grade. If the game is on the line and you want somebody to win you the game, London is the one you want to get the ball to.

“Last year in eighth grade we made it to the GFL state championship. We were down 7-6. I remember I didn’t get the ball the whole game until the 4th quarter. The fourth quarter they started feeding me a little bit more,” said Goggans. “I had a big screen play that got us in the red zone. I remember it was a go route, and I knew the DB that was guarding me couldn’t guard me. If Deuce throws it up, it is going to be mine. It was a jump ball and I knew nobody could jump with me on a jump ball. I jumped up and grabbed it and came down with it. I had the game-winning touchdown catch to win the game. That is a very big memory.”

Both players are part of an elite 2027 class at Grayson that has a chance to be special. It is not just because of their talent, but their day-to-day approach. The kids know they have a chance to be great and are locked in every time they touch the field. The camaraderie they are building with each other, and cohesion can be seen on the field when they play.

“Everybody has been saying how special a class we are. I think it is just work ethic on and off the field. During practice, we are always focused and locked in, not playing around,” said Drew. “Whenever we touch those white lines, we are always ready to go at full speed. We are not taking breaks. On game day, we are locked in and not playing around. Doing what we have to do and getting the dub.”

“They are all some funny kids off the field,” said Goggans. “When we get on the field, everybody is always locked in. There has always been hype around this 2027 class since we were little. They have held us to a high standard since we walked into Grayson High School.”

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