Who To Blame Bulldog Nation? Players Say Them

John Kelley/ UGA Athletics

It has been a rough couple of weeks for the Georgia Bulldogs, following losses to Alabama and Tennessee. When events like this take place, some fans start calling for changes to be made within the program.

This means that some are taking to social media, calling into talk shows, or posting on message boards for changes to be made in Athens. We all know what this means…

“Fire Mark Richt!” Is the constant rhetoric that is heard from some Bulldog fans.

However, if you ask the players? They say the blame is on them.

Senior defensive lineman Sterling Bailey said as much when he met with the media on Tuesday.

“I hear it and I understand how they feel,” Bailey said. “But they have to look at it like this. The coaches aren’t out there on the field. They’re not out there making the tackles, throwing the pass. Just hearing it, they don’t know how hard the coaches, how hard we work. For them to fire someone so quick, it’s upsetting as a player.”

There are no concrete rumors that Richt or any other coaches at Georgia are in danger of losing their jobs. But, whenever Georgia loses to a Florida, Alabama, South Carolina or any other top-tier opponent… The same three words seem to be spoken by some fans.

In regards to this weekend’s loss, running back Sony Michel wanted the blame for the loss. His fumble in the second quarter on a kickoff return, eventually led to Tennessee scoring before the half to make it 24-17 Georgia.

This score, led to the Volunteers going on a 21-7 run to win the game. That is why Michel felt the way he did.

“I kind of want to take this game upon myself,” Michel said. “I felt like we lost this game because of me.”

Junior wide receiver Reggie Davis felt the same way after his dropped pass that could have potentially tied the game.

Wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell has been part of teams that have gone 10-4,12-2, 8-5, 10-3 and right now 4-2. So, he knows about dealing with people being critical of the Georgia program and their personnel.

That said, he’s not a huge fan of it. So, he just decides to turn the volume all the way down to mute.

“I don’t ever act like I’m oblivious to the things that go on,” Mitchell said. “Now I don’t listen to everything that people say. Nor am I on social media searching for what people are saying. I do my best to be the best teammate I can possibly be. I go to whatever measures are needed to make sure that happens on my part. So whatever we face in the future or going forward, you accept it regardless of whatever it is and you keep striving to be the best you can possibly be.”

When it comes to receiving the criticism first hand? Richt says he’s fine with it.

“We all have frustrations,” Richt said. “I just go back to the things I can control, and I focus on that. Don’t focus on things I can’t control. So the things I can control is how we prepare for the next one. So that’s what I think about it. That’s what I focus on. I focus on our staff. I focus on our team and what do we have to do to win the next one.”

Now, Georgia’s attention turns to the Missouri Tigers at 7:30 on Saturday night inside Sanford Stadium. Bulldogs fans will no doubt be cheering for the LSU Tigers this weekend to beat the Florida Gators.

If that happens, Georgia wins this weekend and then beats Florida after the bye week they are back in the lead for the SEC East with a much easier schedule ahead. They’ll face Kentucky and Auburn to end SEC play. Their final two games are at home against Georgia Southern and then on the road for Georgia Tech to end the regular season.

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