Daily Dive: Heartbreaking news out of Gainesville

Jeremy Medina was just trying to get better at the sport he loved while practicing in the batting cages on November 20 when he was hit in the head by a bat in a freak accident. It was announced that Medina, 18, was declared brain-dead in a press conference held by the family Wednesday.

Gainesville principal Jamie Green explained that Medina leaned into the batting cage as another player swung and was struck by the bat on the follow-through. The impact caused loss of breathing control and lack of oxygen to his brain.

When he got his driver’s license, Medina stated he wanted to be an organ donor and Pastor Frank Medina, Medina’s uncle, said that family and friends will hold an honor walk with Jeremy when he is taken to the operating room for the organ donation.

“Not only will lives be saved and improved, but the family members, friends and communities of those who receive his organs and tissues will be forever impacted by the memories made possible thanks to a second chance at life,” Frank Medina said in a statement. “Although his life ended so young, Jeremy’s legacy will continue through his selfless decision to give the gift of life. We encourage others to consider following Jeremy’s example and register your decision to be an organ and tissue donor.”

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