GHSA has received 866 COVID-positive reports since June 8

The GHSA has been tracking the total number of positive COVID cases reported by its 400-plus member teams ever since offseason workouts began on June 8. As of July 14, there had been 300 total cases from 90 different programs that had been reported to the Association. This total more than doubled when the next report was released two weeks later on July 29. The additional 355 reported cases over that two-week span increased the total to 655. At the time of that report, there were six programs that were currently shutdown due to positive cases within the team (Morgan County, Putnam County, Greene County, Social Circle, Lincoln County and Lakeside-DeKalb).

By comparison to the 355-increase in reported cases from the period of July 14-July 29, these past two weeks yielded a 211 increase in reported cases (a 41 percent decrease in total cases reported). This boosted the total number of reported cases to 866 as of Aug. 11. The GHSA announced it was no longer tracking the total numbers of schools that had positive cases when it released its second report, but that figure is now in triple digits.

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