Ware County player claims to be team’s hit man after cheap shot

Attention kickers, Be-Ware. According to Ware County junior, Ronnie Adams, his illegal hit on Glynn Academy kicker August Bowers last Friday night was instructed by his coaches. Anyone that has played football or knows the game, understands that kickoff return is an assignment-based position. Each player has specific drops and assignments to make lanes for the returner. It is clear on this play, that Adams’ role was to ignore the return completely and use the opportunity to hit a defenseless Bowers on his follow through. As the rules state, on illegal helmet contact/contact against a defenseless player, a player is ejected if the “kicker is in the act of kicking, or has not had reasonable amount of time to regain his balance after the kick.” Adams had not lined up at that spot for the other kickoffs.


This is more than just speculation, however, and has been confirmed by Adams, who shared on Instagram after the game that he was instructed “My coach” to make the controversial play. Glynn Academy senior Garrison Hurd sent a comment to a proud Adams that read “Don’t get the big head because you rocked the kicker”

Adams, who was ejected on the play, responded with “My coach told me to do that so I did it. I’m the hit man for Ware County. Hit me up if you wanna know more [listed phone number].”


Ware County head coach Franklin Stephens’ reputation as a successful coach has followed him through his career at Tucker, Lamar County and Ware County. It is still unknown whether a coach or coaches instructed Adams to make the play.

HERE is the end zone view of the play.

As of Wednesday morning, both the GHSA and PSC (Professional Standards Commission) had began investigating the issue. Stay tuned for updates

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2 Responses to “Ware County player claims to be team’s hit man after cheap shot”

  1. Dustin Lewis
    October 13, 2015 at 7:13 pm #

    Having seen this take place first hand and seeing the bald headed Ware coach arguing with the refs just showed me how low they were willing to go for the win. This article fails to disclose that during the kick after the targeting penalty, they sent another player after the kicker and received an encroachment penalty.

  2. CW
    October 13, 2015 at 9:44 pm #

    Make sure to visit gavsv.com and visit the class 5A board. The Ware County athletic director’s brother posts there under the name Viper7. Not only has he defended the hit he has praised it. Going so far as to say he would change the suspended players jersey number and play him the next game.

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