Cross Country State Championships: Second day results

The second day of the GHSA State Cross Country Championships took place Saturday as five classifications for both boys and girls competed in the 5K at the course at Carrollton High School. Here are the results:

Class AAAAAAA: South Forsyth’s boys won their first-ever cross country title with an average time of 17:00.57 and a team time of 1:25.02.84 to edge Lambert (1:26:33.13) by just over a second. South Forsyth’s Michael Patterson led his program with a time of 16:46.31. East Coweta’s Kyle Harkabus finished with a 16:08.55 time to take the individual title. For the girls, Marietta won its third title after winning back-to-back AAAAAA titles in 2014-15. Marietta averaged 19:30.34 with a team total of 1:37:31.69. Woodstock’s Brynne Sumner won the individual title with a time of 18:36.39. Marietta’s Ellie Hall placed second with a time of 18:39.09. June Mwaniki (fourth) and Ani Henderson (ninth) were Marietta’s top-10 finishers.

Class AAAA: St. Pius X won its 10th boys cross country title with a 1:25:08.24 time and a team average of 17:01.65. Second-placed Marist finished with a 1:27:25.54 total and a team average time of 17:29.11. Marist’s Leif Anderson captured the individual title with a time of 16:17.75. Mary Persons’ Justin Wachtel placed second (16:18.59). Pius placed four runners – Jack Voss (third), Rowan Wiley (fourth),  Nicolas Fontova (sixth) and John Owens (eighth) in the top 10. For the girls, Marist captured its 20th cross country title with a total time of 1:40:01.11 and 20:00.03 team average. St. Pius (1:41:25.05) placed second and Blessed Trinity (1:41:41.94) took third. Kathleen Maley also gave Marist an individual title with a time of 19:22.17 which bested Oconee County’s Caroline McArthur effort of 19:26.58. Marist placed two runners – Lucy Jewell Watson (19:54:36) in eighth place and ninth place Nora Solomon (20:07.55) – in the top-10.

Class AAA: Westminster’s boys and girls teams won to assert their dominance for the second consecutive year winning team titles. The girls have won each year since 2013. North Hall’s Devin Crow won the individual boys title with a time of 16:19.19 to edge Jefferson’s Riley Thornton (16:27.90). North Hall placed Andrew Jones (16:46.52) at third ahead of three Westminster runners – William Wallace (16:47.32), Zach Roe (16:50.87) and Peter Huff (16:53.65). For the girls, Westminster’s Naima Turbes won the individual title with a time of 19:01.96. Lovett runner Haley Hooper placed second with a time of 20:00.38. Westminster placed three other runners – Janie Cooper, Katherin Vuckovic and Olivia Tordella – in the top 10.

Class AA: Gober Guy won the boy’s individual title for Rabun County but it was Union County that took the team title. Gober finished with a time of 17:18.77 to lead Banks County’s second-place finisher Griffin Stephens (17:25.67). Union County (1:32:44.58) bested second-placed Armuchee (1:33:20.72) and third-placed Banks County (1:32:56.10). For the girls, Bleckley County won its third straight title with a team time of 1:48:51.05 to best second-placed Jeff Davis (1:53:26.07) and third-place Armuchee (1:54:02.05). Union County’s Zoe Sanchez won the individual title (20:04.45) ahead of three Bleckley runners – Emily Youngblood (20:55.89), Austin Perez (21:14.29) and Christa Hall (21:18.73).

Class A-Public: Georgia Military College (1:36:54.90) took the team title edging Commerce (1:36:44.12) by 10 seconds. Greene County’s Leo Lopez won the individual title with a time of 17:20.04 ahead of Commerce’s Brandon Martin (18:03.68). Georgia Military place two runners – third place Colin McCabe (18:39.85) and seventh place Logan Steinmeyer (19:03.70) in the top 10. For the girls, Telfair County placed first with ACE Charter, Atlanta Classical Academy and Gordon Lee filling the top four. Telfair placed two runners – third-place Paige White (22:50.66) and fourth-place Shayla Cook (23:06.18) in the top five.

Class AAAAAAA Boys

1. Kyle Harkabus, East Coweta, 16:08.55; 2. Calan Gizelbach, Forsyth Central, 16:16.07; 3. Chase Condra, Peachtree Ridge, 16:29.42; 4. Luke McNeil, Brookwood, 16:31.74; 5. Myles Collins, Archer, 16:32.25

Class AAAAAAA Girls

1. Brynne Sumner, Woodstock, 18:36.39; 2. Ellie Hall, Marietta 18:39.09; 3. Madelynne Cadeau, South Forsyth, 18:39.24; 4. June Mwaniki, Marietta, 19:05.32; 5. Nyah Hernandez, Milton, 19:12.30

Class AAAA Boys

1. Leif Andersen, Marist, 16:17.75; 2. Justin Wachtel, Mary Persons, 16:18.59; 3. Jack Voss, St. Pius X, 16:37.15; 4. Rowan Wiley, St. Pius X, 16:53.06; 5. Davis Potts, North Oconee, 16:53.20

Class AAAA Girls

1. Kathleen Maley, Marist, 19:22.17; 2. Caroline McArthur, Oconee County, 19:26.58;  3. Maggie Yankovich, St. Pius X, 19:34.44; 4. Catherine Breault, St. Pius X, 19:45.97; 5. Sara Bailey, Blessed Trinity, 19:47.37

Class AAA Boys

1. Devon Crow, North Hall, 16:19.19; 2. Riley Thornton, Jefferson, 16:27.90; 3. Shane Shelafoe, East Jackson, 16:33.05; 4 Andrew Jones, North Hall, 16:46.52; 5. William Wallace Westminster, 16:47.32

Class AAA Girls

1. Naima Turbes, Westminster, 19:01.96; 2. Haley Hooper, Lovett, 20:00.38; 3. Frankie Muldoon, Dawson County, 20:22.98; 4. Janie Cooper, Westminster, 20:33.18; 5. Katherine Vuckovic          Westminster, 20:35.65

Class AA Boys

1. Gober Guy, Rabun County, 17:18.77; 2. Griffin Stephens, Banks County, 17:25.67; 3. Chaney Holder, Armuchee, 17:44.82; 4. Luke Gambrell, Union County, 17:56.92; 5. Lane Grier, Oglethorpe County, 18:01.48

Class AA Girls

1. Zoe Sanchez, Union County, 20:04.45; 2. Emily Youngblood, Bleckley County, 20:55.89; 3. Austin Perez, Bleckley County, 21:14.29; 4. Christa Hall, Bleckley County, 21:18.73; 5. Zoie Marchant, Jeff Davis, 21:33.19

Class A-Public Boys

1. Leo Lopez, Greene County, 17:20.04; 2. Brandon Martin, Commerce, 18:03.68; 3. Colin McCabe, Georgia Military, 18:39.85; 4. Grant Cook, Telfair County, 18:42.24; 5 Jake Lee, Gordon Lee, 18:43.29

Class A-Public Girls

1. Gracie O’Neal, Gordon Lee, 20:56.63; 2. Brett Landing, Jenkins County 22:50.33; 3. Paige White, Telfair County, 22:50.66; 4. Shayla Cook, Telfair County, 23:06.18; 5. Olivia Lowrimore, ACE Charter, 23:24.66

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