Sky Zone, Elite Juniors form charitable partnership

Jason Mussell

The theme of the Elite Junior Classic is about rewarding talented athletes who are outstanding not just on the field, but off the field as well. Sky Zone, where high-flying fun is patented, shares a similar credo when it comes to its relationship with the community and the world of high school sports.


In fact, Sky Zone Atlanta, which describes itself as an indoor trampoline park, has its own campaign that was started by Jeff Cole, who owns the Roswell and Suwanee Sky Zones. Due to mutual interest in the community, Sky Zone and the Elite Junior Classic, which was activated and marketed by Score Atlanta, were a perfect fit.


“It’s the way we can give back to the community and we’ve looked for charities and events that would really honor kids that are making a difference in our community, that’s what Jump In To Give is all about,” said Cole. “And in dealing with Score Atlanta we came across a great way to highlight the athletes in the Elite Junior Classic, and guys that were actually making a difference in their communities as well.”


The night before the all-star game on Dec. 27, Sky Zone hosted the players for a final fun experience that featured food catered by Taco Mac. Players were seen dunking in Sky Zone’s basketball areas, performing acrobatic moves on the trampolines and having a ball on the dodgeball courts at the Roswell location. Sky Zone’s sponsorship of the event was a reward for the players’ exploits on and off the field.


Also in attendance at the private Sky Zone event during the Elite Junior Classic weekend were Snowball Express families. These families are part of the charitable organization that honors the children of our nation’s fallen military heroes. Sky Zone and the Elite Junior Classic chose Snowball Express to allow its families a complimentary visit along with the Elite Juniors for a night of fun. Meeting and spending time with the people of Snowball Express was another way the Elite Juniors learned how important off-the-field activities are and the impact one person can make on the lives of others.


“It was sort of bringing it all together to highlight those individuals who give back to our community and to also to really come alongside Snowball Express,” said Cole. “We just sort of brought it together to honor those high school students and Sky Zone just loves high school football. It’s sort of our passion, so this event just really was right up our alley. It was something we wanted to jump right into and help out with.”


North team head coach Rocky Hidalgo, who also coaches Walton High School’s football team, made an impassioned speech to the players and members of Snowball Express.


“I’ve told my players before that winning a football game is life and death,” said Hidalgo during his speech. “I was wrong. What we do is nothing compared to what these families do.”


By all accounts the weekend was a success. Despite this being its inaugural year, the Elite Junior Classic and its partnerships with Snowball Express and Sky Zone seemed to be a perfect match.


“Since it was a new event, we didn’t really know how it would go over,” said Cole. “I did go to the game, which was incredible. Just to see the guys who were part of the game, man, they’re just such great athletes and future stars, and it was such a great idea. I thought it was an excellent game and just a great event.”


Sky Zone and the Elite Juniors fulfilled their joint goal of serving the community while putting on a showcase event for high school athletes. All involved were part of what looked to be a perfect partnership.


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