Behind the Scenes of The Georgia Prep Sports: From a Distance Video Podcast

Birthed out of an unknown necessity during the coronavirus pandemic, the ‘Georgia Prep Sports: From a Distance’ videocast has provided viewers with varying takes on numerous issues involving high school sports in Georgia…. even when there are not any.

Produced and broadcast from the Score Atlanta offices in Roswell, host I.J. Rosenberg brings on three guests each show and the topics vary from guest to guest. Those topics have been helpful to viewers and guests alike according to producer Graham David, who runs the show behind the scenes.

“The Georgia Prep Sports: From a Distance video podcast gives viewers answers to questions that are frequently asked and diversely answered. Our goal is to provide a source that gives true and accurate responses. With guests like GHSA Executive Director Robin Hines and AHSAA Executive Director Steve Savarese, we can guarantee that what you hear on our show isn’t fodder for hungry ears.”

David, a 2017 Alabama graduate, has taken on nearly every role that Score Atlanta has to offer since joining the team at the 2017 Corky Kell Classic as an intern. Since the pandemic shut the sports world down in March, he took on the role as producer for the videocast and from the ground up, David is the one who makes the podcast run.

“First off, the most important part of our show is the people we have on it,” he said. “The guests are what drive the show and give it its substance. So first thing we do is lock down our three guests for each show. We try to have a diverse group in order to come at any subject from several angles, as well as dive into different sports outside of just football.”

But the planning and scheduling of guests is one thing. Learning the new system on the fly was a hurdle that David, like any of the top-tier Alabama football players who he loves dearly, cleared without trouble.

“We have to make sure our guests have Skype accounts, and link them to our TriCaster system. Once this is done, a test call must be conducted to eliminate any audio or video issues. One test call is made as soon as the Skype account is linked to our TriCaster, and a second is made prior to each show. Once audio and video have been checked, all that remains is making sure our statics are up to date and reflect the AJC’s and Score Atlanta’s most recent material. Once made by our graphic designer, these images are uploaded to our live text application and edited to fit the show screen to be used to promote any recent publications.”

Once set up, the videocast has provided an outlet for information from some of the biggest names in the high school sports world. The movers and shakers who make things happen. From GHSA’s Dr. Hines to countless coaches across various sports, each giving their take on the current state of their world.

“It’s legit information that is directly provided by those who make decisions that affect the high school sports scene in Georgia, and its surrounding states,” David said. “When we have coaches on the show, listeners get an inside look on how these decisions impact each program around the state. With so many schools spread across Georgia, it’s important to us that not just Metro Atlanta voices are heard, and that we cover those who listen from farther away in southern parts of Georgia.”

The videocast goes live at Noon on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The show has been watched live by as many as 2,700 viewers and routinely gets more than 10,000 views on On Demand replay. Follow Score Atlanta on Facebook or Twitter (@scoreatlanta) to keep up to date with the show.

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